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Wholesale Banking

ING Corporate Card

ING Bank can offer your company a solution in the area of payment cards: the ING Corporate Card Programme. These cards are issued directly by the head office of ING Bank N.V., Amsterdam. The ING Corporate Card is meant for business related expenditures. This enables your company to easily keep track of your company expenses.

ING Corporate Card is a charge card. In practice it means that your company has available a monthly spending limit and on a regular basis your company will be asked to pay the amount of all transactions that have been made with your Corporate Cards. The total spending limit has to be approved by ING Bank N.V., Amsterdam. This company limit must not be higher than the total sum of spending limits for all your employees.


  • Easy form of payment for business related expenditure;
  • Monitoring of all card expenditure available online 24 hours a day;
  • Security: you are covered against fraud or misuse of your card;
  • Accepted all over the world at 24 million outlets and at 550,000 ATMs using a PIN;
  • Includes free SafeGuard Support, Insurance and Services in case of accident, luggage hold-up and flight delay;
  • Possibility of cash advances at 360,000 bank branches worldwide;
  • Credit limit available for your company.

Additional services

ING Corporate Card Online

ING Corporate Card Online is a free web page where you and your company can review both current and past credit card transactions. You can view all your transactions at any time and from anywhere in the world. ING Corporate Card Online offers an efficient tool for making expense claims by showing what expenditure has been made using your credit card. You can also use it to check that all transactions have been recorded correctly.

  • View your card transactions immediately as soon as they have been recorded by the accepting party;
  • View your card transactions which have been posted to your account as well as pending authorisations;
  • View your current spending limit and available amount;
  • Option of downloading your transaction information.

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