Wholesale Banking

Wholesale Banking

Cash payments through offices of Slovenská pošta š.p

Based on an Agreement with Slovenská pošta š.p. (further only Post) ING Bank is able to offer its clients processing of cash payments presented at post offices throughout Slovakia in favor of the client´s account with ING Bank using a postal money order to account (further only PMOA).

Post is able to print the PMOA form with the complete data according to the request of the client, make up the envelope and send the PMOA to the requested address. Processing of the PMOA on the side of the post is highly automated with complete information residing in the bar code of the PMOA.

This product is suitable mainly for companies with a huge number of customers, such as insurance companies, leasing companies, mobil network operators etc., for whom it may be a comfortable alternative of payments for provided services. 

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