Wholesale Banking

Wholesale Banking

Trade Finance

As an enterprise needs to cover export-import risks or needs to find a suitable product for optimizing working capital, it´s challenging to achieve without the bank with global coverage and local know-how. The bank, which will effectively use and combine appropriate sources of funding. Individual products for the purposes of trade financing provided by ING minimize transaction risk, so that your company can fully focus on what is its core business and what brings sustainable earnings.

Strategically, our bank in trade finance focuses on services for the following client groups:

  • Multinational companies, their subsidiaries and joint ventures, which are traditionally the Bank's customers in other territories
  • Slovak enterprises of strategic importance
  • Large Slovak enterprises with considerable export orientation, or with significant domestic or foreign market and having high value


Following the previous analysis of historical results and business plans of your company by our experienced and professional staff, we can suggest the most suitable products from trade financing, which may include inter alia:

  • Letters of Credit - guaranteeing that payment will be made only after certain criteria are met
  • Documentary Collection - minimizing the risk of default in International Business Transactions
  • Issuing of guarantees (eg, payment guarantees, tender / tender guarantees, security / performance guarantee, warranty restraint)
  • Financing of distribution channels - Support sales financing production
  • Purchase of receivables (factoring)
  • Financing receivables - receivables from domestic or foreign trade