Wholesale Banking

Wholesale Banking

Corporate and Financial Institutions lending and advisory

Developing a strong relationship with corporate clients is the most important activity of ING Bank.

The Corporate Lending department focuses on the following groups of clients:

  • Multinational corporations, their subsidiaries and joint-venture companies which are traditionally the bank’s clients in other territories
  • Slovak companies of strategic importance for the country
  • Large Slovak companies with strong export orientation, resp. with significant share on domestic or foreign markets and those with high added value production


After the initial analysis of your historic results and business plans by our experienced and professional staff, ING can offer the most appropriate solution for your companies in the form of:

Lending products

Lending division provides overdrafts, revolving credits, guarantees and term loans for large corporate clients and financial institutions. Product specialists are available to provide our clients with tailor-made lending solutions that meet our client needs. The product portfolio includes:

  • Combined facilities inclusive multiple products under one limit
  • Overdraft facilities on the current account
  • Short term (up to 12 months) financing
  • Medium / long term financing

In form of:

  • Committed or uncommitted credit facilities
  • Bilateral lines or syndicated facilities

Characterized by variability of:

  • Wide variety of available currencies
  • Fixed or floating interest rates
  • Flexible repayment structures (e.g. amortising, bullet).


Companies with substantial investment plans, large contracts for delivery or specific financial needs can utilize our expertise in the fields of:

Structured finance

(In co-operation with the specialized industry desks available within ING network )

  • Project finance
  • Acquisition finance
  • Export finance with support of export credit agencies 
  • Trade and commodity finance and related payment instruments (letters of credit, guarantees, bills of exchange, export/import financing, purchase of receivables and discounting bills of exchange)
  • Other structured lending.


Companies looking for specific advice on potential acquisitions or strategic financing decisions can use our extensive international network of specialists in the area of:


(In co-operation with the specialised desks within the ING network)

  • Project advisory
  • M&A advisory
  • Equity capital markets
  • Event finance.